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African Arguments is a series of short books about Africa today. Aimed at the growing number of students and general readers who want to know more about the continent.

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African Arguments Online is a multi-blogging site that covers unfolding, contemporary African events, and develops debates on issues of central importance to an ever-changing continent. Learn more about our process and how you can get involved

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Africa’s Latest Democratic Awakening: Implications for Western foreign policy - By Rudy Massamba

Sub-Saharan Africa in general, and Francophone Africa to be more precise, stand at a metaphorical crossroads. A great number of long-time African rulers, many of whom came to power through coups, are facing pressure like never before. The advent of new technologies, along with associated social media and other innovative ...

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Nkurunziza Third Term “suicidal for the nation”: an interview with a Burundian politician in hiding – By Lucy Hovil

Recent events in Burundi have brought the small nation to international attention, even if action remains wanting. The announcement on 23 April by President Nkurunziza that he would run for a third term has sparked fierce opposition. Although Burundi’s constitution contains a two term limit, Nkurunziza argues, and the Constitutional ...

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Election 2015: What’s in the party manifestos for Africa? – By Magnus Taylor and Hetty Bailey

Does the UK have an ‘Africa policy’? Magnus Taylor (Editor, African Arguments) and Hetty Bailey (Policy and Research Coordinator, Africa APPG) decided to find out. They have, between them, read all the main political party manifestos and summarised the main policies that will affect African countries and people from them. Their ...

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Europe pushes away migrant 'problem' but many more will still come - By Ismail Einashe and Giulia Liberatore

In the space of one weekend in April over 800 migrants perished in the waters of the Mediterranean. This was the worst death toll since a ship carrying migrants sank off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa on 3rd October 2013, killing at least 366 people. In 2014 ...

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Africa’s New Oil: power, pipelines and future fortunes – By Celeste Hicks. Profiled by Magnus Taylor

Celeste Hicks is the former BBC correspondent in Chad and Mali and an editor on BBC Africa service news programmes. Her new book, Africa’s New Oil: power, pipelines and future fortunes is published by Zed Books. We met recently to discuss the book and some of the ideas within it. Over the ...

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