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African Arguments is a series of short books about Africa today. Aimed at the growing number of students and general readers who want to know more about the continent.

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The Tragedy of Borno State: Local Dimensions of Boko Haram’s Insurgency – By Michael Baca

Boko Haram has yet again made international media headlines, this time through its alleged kidnapping of nearly 200 civilians from the village of Gumsuri in Borno State. Much of the current commentary on the Salafi-jihadi group frames its insurgency as a violent contest against the Nigerian state. This depiction agrees ...

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Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa in, Mujuru out for Zanu-PF – By Simukai Tinhu

Just prior to the Zanu-PF Elective Congress in early December, Zimbabwe's First Lady Grace Mugabe initiated her ‘meet the people’ tour after having been nominated as leader of the ruling party's powerful women's wing. The tour took a dramatic turn when the First Lady launched a scathing attack on the ...

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Citizens of Africa Arise! You have nothing to lose but your chains, says Oby Ezekwesili – By Richard Dowden

It is not often you hear a Vice President of the World Bank calling for revolution, but Oby Ezekweseli did just that at the Royal African Society’s Annual Lecture last week. There is an unwritten rule among politicians globally that they do not rubbish their rulers when they are abroad, but Oby ...

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Kabila’s musical chairs:  at last a government of National Cohesion in Congo – Interview with Kris Berwouts and Gie Goris

On December 8th, the political chessboard in Kinshasa was reorganised. President Kabila finally installed the Government of National Cohesion that he originally announced fourteen months ago. Kris Berwouts (KB) formulates his first impressions with Gie Goris (GG) of Mo Magazine. GG: Why did Kabila feel the urge to reshuffle his government ...

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Nigeria Forum: What happens when oil prices fall? - By Anthony Goldman

When politicians, fund managers and development professionals look to highlight the success of democratic Nigeria, they typically point to one, key statistic: when the military stood down in 1999 after an almost unbroken generation in power, per capita income in Africa’s most populous state was USD1,940; by 2013, under civilian ...

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