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African Arguments is a series of short books about Africa today. Aimed at the growing number of students and general readers who want to know more about the continent.

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David Yau Yau and South Sudan’s Internal Wager with Self-Determination – Mayank Bubna

Amidst protracted conflict with Nuer rebels and a peace-negotiation impasse in Addis Ababa, the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) is also one year in to a brave political experiment granting semi-autonomous governance to a former rebel commander in southern Jonglei – a place that is largely home to the Murle ...

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Zambia: rise of the UPND down to good preparation and luck – By Nicole Beardsworth

The Zambian presidential by-elections are just a few days away. It will be the small Southern African nation’s 4th election in just 9 years and their second presidential by-election. The polls have come down to a two-horse race between two parties which were both in opposition ahead of the last ...

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South Sudan’s slow liberation – By Edward Thomas

South Sudan’s vice president Riek Machar was sacked in 2013 and after a political crisis that year, he ended up in the bush leading an armed rebellion that has turned into 13 months of civil war. When he received journalists in his bush headquarters, he displayed his latest reading to ...

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The South Sudan peace process: prospects for 2015

Predicting conflict in South Sudan is easy. Those who warn that the coming of the dry season means further bloodshed are not being especially astute; they are stating the obvious. What to do about this likelihood is a much harder question. Almost as obvious is to observe that the peace process ...

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How Africa’s political regimes legitimate themselves through the fight against terrorism

Terrorism has been gaining ground in sub-Saharan Africa in the last decade. This does not mean that terrorism was non-existent in the region before this (the Lord’s Resistance Army was formed in Uganda in around 1986), but the formation per se of Sub Saharan organisations and their self-identification as terrorist ...

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