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Mozambique elections: outcome will have little impact on growing social fault-lines – By Jason Sumich

On the 15th of October, 2014, Mozambique held its fifth multiparty general election. Despite Renamo’s almost ritualistic accusation of fraud (not that fraud did not happen, but it would probably not change the outcome of the election) Frelimo once again appears to be heading towards a comfortable win, if not ...

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Journalism in Somalia: booming but beset by dangers - By Jay Bahadur

MOGADISHU— Mohamed Abdi Warsame’s hand shakes as he places it on my knee. “Some say my brother was killed over a woman,” he says. “That's not true. He was killed for the sake of the truth.” After the evening prayer on October 21, 2012, Mohamed’s brother, a local journalist named Yusuf ...

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Congo: President Kabila must respect the constitution and not seek a third term - By Decky Kipuka Kabongi

There is currently one question dominating political debate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): Will President Kabila change the constitution and seek a third term or abide by its current terms? This question is of great relevance to Congo’s nascent democratic process, initiated in 2006 with the material, ...

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PROFILE: Salva Kiir - South Sudan's Commander-in-chief - image vs reality

Ten years before the start of South Sudan’s current war, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) held a meeting at Rumbek in which the party leadership sought to resolve a major problem between their chairman and deputy chairman. Minutes of that crucial meeting reveal that the SPLM Chairman John Garang, in ...

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Mozambique Election Preview: end of the Guebuza era? - By Cate Reid

As Mozambique prepares to go to the polls on Wednesday 15 October, there are signs that the country could be at a political turning point. Few doubt that ruling Frente de Libertação de Moçambique (Frelimo) will win, particularly with the opposition vote split between two parties (Renamo and MDM). But together they may ...

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Congo: Kabila reshuffles his military pack – By Alex Ntung

The recent and unprecedented reshuffle of the leadership of the military (FARDC) in the DRC is the most important reorganisation of the institution’s command chains ever made. The FARDC was reconstructed in a form recognisable today following the end of the Second Congo War in July 2003 and the Inter-Congolese Dialogue ...

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