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African Arguments is a series of short books about Africa today. Aimed at the growing number of students and general readers who want to know more about the continent.

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Why Africa's biggest adopter of GM crops changed its mind

Bt cotton reportedly increased production as intended. So why is Burkina Faso phasing it out? The thorny topic of genetically modified (GM) crops was recently thrust into the global spotlight again. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Bill Gates said that GM crops are a necessary tool to fight ...

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South Sudan: The price of war, the price of peace - a graphic story

In December 2013, South Sudan erupted into civil war as President Salva Kiir's army battled rebel forces led by former Vice-President Riek Machar. Tens of thousands were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced. The cartoon below tells the story of the conflict and the dynamics of the political marketplace that ...

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“Let us be heard”: Burundi’s refugees tell stories of ethnic targeting

Burundi’s crisis began as a political dispute, but testimony from refugees suggests that some parties to the conflict may be exploiting Hutu-Tutsi divides. Near the small town of Gashora in Rwanda, about 20km north of the border with Burundi, hundreds of children and their mothers sit outside tents (or “hangers”) branded ...

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Kenya's under fire journalists refuse to be cowed

But the same cannot necessarily be said of Kenya's media houses. On the evening of 23 January, Yassin Juma, a freelance journalist and blogger, was at home with his family when he received an unexpected call. 13 police officers burst into his home, arresting the soft-spoken reporter and searching his premises. ...

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Nigeria: Buhari’s southern dilemma heating up

With a cluster of hotly-contested election re-runs coming up and low oil prices squeezing budgets, the next six months will be pivotal for the Nigerian government. There are few moments in which being the president of Nigeria is easy, but over the next six months, Muhammadu Buhari is likely to face ...

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