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African Arguments is a series of short books about Africa today. Aimed at the growing number of students and general readers who want to know more about the continent.

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Boris Johnson, lead Brexit campaigner and odds on favourite to be the next PM. Credit: Andrew Parsons/ i-Images.

Uncertain trade, less progressive aid and a new colonial-minded PM? What Brexit means for Africa

Chaos has been unleashed and we all will be poorer because of Brexit, including in Africa. 23 June saw the UK vote for Brexit. A populist rebellion was provoked by an internal dispute in the ruling Conservative party, and chaos has been unleashed. We don’t know the full consequences of the ...

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Credit: Les Haines.

What will Brexit mean for Africa?

For good and ill, Britain has long played a major role in world affairs and particularly in Africa. Now it seems doomed to become an impoverished island off Europe. Sometimes turkeys do vote for Christmas. And 52% of British voters have just done so. Brexit is national suicide. The tribes of Britain will ...

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Nawal El Saadawi. Credit: Felix Clay.

Photograph by Felix Clay.

Nawal El Saadawi: “All people are mixed blood, the more mixed you are the better”

The iconic Egyptian writer speaks out about being ignored by "colonial capitalist patriarchal powers” and how today's African women writers are leading a revolt. With a career spanning half a century and encompassing some 60 works of fiction and non-fiction, Nawal El Saadawi is today one of the Arab world’s and ...

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At a refugee camp near the Eritrea-Ethiopia border. Credit: Roberto Maldeno.

Why the skirmishes between Ethiopia and Eritrea won't spiral into full-scale war

There is fighting talk on both sides, but neither would benefit from actual war. International attention has once again been drawn to the fraught relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea, with both sides admitting that the recent flare-up of armed conflict on their shared border resulted in “significant casualties”. The border between the two ...

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President Silanyo of Somaliland meeting former UK Foreign Office minister Henry Bellingham in 2011. Credit: FCO.

President Silanyo: Why the UK should support a sovereign Somaliland

An independent Somaliland would provide security in a strategically sensitive region, a growing market for goods and services, and an important bulwark against extremism. On 24 June 1960, The London Gazette published a proclamation by HM the Queen terminating British protection over the Somaliland Protectorate and declaring that Somaliland would become ‘’an ...

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