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African Arguments is a series of short books about Africa today. Aimed at the growing number of students and general readers who want to know more about the continent.

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Credit: Leslie Peterson.

Africa to Standing Rock: “It happened to us too. It is happening to us too.”

In the water protectors’ struggle, there are whispers of Saro-Wiwa, Biko and Sankara. After facing attack dogs, tear gas, arrest, water cannons, and rubber bullets, the protesters at Standing Rock – known as “water protectors” – won a significant victory earlier this week. Following months of demonstrations, the Army Corps of ...

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Has the oil curse befallen Uganda? Credit: Stefan Gara.

Museveni says he’s “not excited” about Uganda’s oil. Is anyone anymore?

The discovery of sub-Saharan Africa's fourth largest oil reserve has been hailed as a panacea to Uganda's problems. But even at peak production, it will only generate two barrels of oil per citizen per year. A decade after the discovery of large reserves of commercial oil in Uganda was greeted as ...

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Credit: Tom Jalio.

A red scar on African poetry: Anatomy of a serial plagiarist

Just weeks after winning two prestigious awards on his 29th birthday, globally published Kenyan poet Redscar McOdindo was found to have cheated his way to fame and fortune. “If I write any frequently, it is because you pals inspire me to do so,” Kenyan poet Redscar McOdindo once said. “If I ...

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Ghana's presidential elections have typically been won by narrow margins, and the upcoming vote looks to be just as close. Credit: Erik Cleves Kristensen.

What's at stake in Ghana's too close to call election?

Pollsters disagree on who will win in a presidential race that has been more about personalities than policy. Ghanaians head to the polls tomorrow, on 7 December, to elect a President and representatives to fill the 275-member House of Parliament. In the presidential race, seven candidates are competing, but it largely ...

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African Argument of 2016: Vote for the best article!

From our shortlist of five amazing articles, pick the best and enter our prize draw. This year, we've had loads of excellent articles and we're asking for your input to to pick the best one and award our African Arguments 2016 Prize. It's been incredibly tough, but we have shortlisted five articles ...

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