Thoughts on the Future of Sudan, From the Past

Thoughts on the future of Sudan from an unlikely source: Winston Churchill in his book ‘The River War‘.
“It might seem at first a great advantage that the people of the Soudan, instead of being a multitude of wild, discordant tribes, should unite of their own accord into one strong community, living under fixed laws, and ruled by a single sovereign. But there is one form of centralised government which is almost entirely unprogressive and beyond all other forms costly and tyrannical – the rule of an army. History records many such dominations, ancient and modern, civilised or barbaric; and though education and culture may modify, they cannot change their predominant characteristics. The evil qualities of military hierarchies are always the same. The result of their rule is universally unfortunate. The degree may vary with time and place, but the political supremacy of an army always leads to the formation of a great centralised capital, to the consequent impoverishment of the provinces, to the degradation of the peaceful inhabitants through oppression and want, to the ruin of commerce, the decay of learning, and the ultimate demoralisation even of the military order through overbearing pride and sensual indulgence.”

It is clear that army rule is not the way forward in 2011.

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