Welcome to African Arguments, a multi-blogging site dedicated to informed and vigorous debate on the issues that impact Africa. The site is hosted by the Royal African Society and World Peace Foundation and is part of the Guardian Africa Network.

Africa has long been the locus and the focus for the most impassioned and intellectually-informed debate. But for many years, specialist Africa coverage in the world’s media has been in decline, alongside the withering of many African journals and magazines that used to provide a forum for debate and opinion. African news and views have moved to the web, but with no comparable Africa-wide movement to provide in-depth analysis and debate of the issues and controversies that animate the continent today. African Arguments strives to fill this gap.

Our goal is to bring debate on the most important African topics to a wider audience with the rapidity of a news magazine and insight of informed expertise. Our debates are spread headed leading public intellectuals— writers, scholars, activists— who contribute regular columns. Responses are invited and moderated by the editor.

You can get involved by commenting on essays, joining us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. And if you think we have missed something, then please get in touch and tell us what you would like to see us discuss.

Submissions should be sent to Editor Magnus Taylor via the ‘contact us’ facility.

African Arguments was incubated at the Social Science Research Council in 2007 and transferred to the Royal African Society in 2011.

Photo by Will Boase.