Why Nigeria should think twice before joining Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Military Alliance

Four reasons why joining the Saudi-led coalition might not be such a great idea

Would Nigeria be better served focusing on the Sahel than getting involved in Saudi Arabia's broader alliance? Credit: Daniel Tiveau/CIFOR.

Would Nigeria be better served focusing on the Sahel than getting involved in Saudi Arabia’s broader alliance? Credit: Daniel Tiveau/CIFOR.

On 15 December, Saudi Arabia made a surprising announcement as it unveiled to the world what it said will be a 34-state “Islamic military alliance” to combat terrorism “all over the Islamic world”.

This ambitious initiative, said Deputy Crown Prince and Defence Minister Mohammed bin Salman, “emanates from the keenness of the Muslim world to fight this disease, which has harmed the Islamic world’s standing in the international community”.

Little is known about how exactly this alliance will operate, but according official statements it seems there will be a military component which includes intelligence sharing, a messaging component to combat ideology, and a sanctions component focused on “stopping the flow of funds” to terror groups.

As for the countries involved, there are notable absentees such as Iran, Syria and Iraq. Meanwhile, those said to be part of the alliance are drawn from across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It remains to be seen which countries will formally join the Saudi-led coalition, but one of those considering membership is Nigeria.

On 17 December, Presidential Spokesman Garba Shehu said that “Nigeria has been formally invited to be a member of the alliance”, but that the “decision to join has not been taken yet”.

If Nigeria were to join, it would signify a major step-change in relations with Saudi Arabia. Islam and membership of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have traditionally anchored the two country’s relationship. But adding security cooperation to that relationship could have real potential.

Boko Haram clearly has a transnational dimension – it is increasingly engaging in cross border attacks and has links to other Islamist militant groups beyond West Africa – and an international security platform for intelligence cooperation could be hugely useful to Nigerian security forces. Additionally, further support from the alliance in the form of funding or training could also significantly enhance counterterrorism efforts.

However, there are also potential perils from membership that the Nigerian government should consider seriously as it ponders the Saudi invitation.

What’s in a name?

The first possible danger comes from the name of the group – the Islamic Military Alliance – and how this could play in Nigeria’s fraught domestic scene.

Soon after news broke of Nigeria’s supposed membership of the Saudi-led initiative, the Christian Association of Nigeria, the umbrella body for the country’s Christian groups, registered its protest, saying membership harms “Nigeria’s pluralistic character [and] portends great danger to national unity and integration”.

Should President Muhammadu Buhari sign-off on Nigeria joining, informing the public early, being transparent about how the decision was reached, clearly articulating the advantages for Nigeria, and securing broad elite consensus will be essential to avoid the anti-terror alliance becoming a polarising factor in the country’s interreligious relations.

The intense controversy that trailed Nigeria’s membership of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in 1986 offers salutary lessons.

When “out of the blue” news broke in January 1986 that Nigeria had “secretly” become a member of the OIC the previous month, it sparked a political crisis. The non-transparent attainment of OIC membership exacerbated what in any case would have been a contentious issue, and the controversy it sparked effectively paralysed Nigeria’s participation in the organisation.

“In order to satisfy Muslims, [Nigeria] has not officially withdrawn its membership”, said historian Toyin Falola, “and in order to satisfy Christians, it has refused to play an active role in the OIC”.

If Nigeria joins the Islamic Military Alliance, it will have to be careful as to how it presents this move to the public.

Saudi Arabia’s geopolitical motives

The second problem derives from Saudi Arabia’s geopolitical motives and regional ambitions.

Most responses to the new anti-terror alliance have expressed scepticism as to the real reasons behind the initiative. The exclusion of Iran in particular – a country with which Saudi Arabia is locked in an intense struggle for supremacy in the region – is seen by many as being indicative of Riyadh’s desire to galvanise the Sunni world against its rival.

Nigeria’s membership of the anti-terror alliance could entail, if not explicit support, then at least implicit endorsement of Saudi Arabia’s geopolitical objectives – objectives that are much broader than simply countering terrorism.

The sectarian undertones of the Saudi-Iranian rivalry could also have domestic repercussions for Nigeria given the unresolved tensions between the Nigerian state and its own restive Shia minority.

Whose terrorists?

Linked to the question of Saudi Arabia’s geopolitical motives is a third problem: which militant groups will command the alliance’s focus?

Saudi Arabia says the new alliance will confront “any terrorist organisation that appears in front of us”. But it is clear that the alliance’s heavyweights will have different perceptions of who the main threats are.

For Turkey, for example, the role of Kurdish separatists looms large in its concerns. Ankara’s attention is focused on unseating Syria’s President Assad and preventing its nightmare scenario of an independent Kurdistan emerging amidst Syria’s wreckage. Defeating Islamic State comes an important but distant third in its list of priorities.

Similarly, Saudi Arabia’s view of what constitutes terrorism – as enshrined in its 2013 anti-terror law – is so broad as to practically include “any act of protest or criticism” against the monarchy. The law was recently used to execute a prominent Shia cleric and critic of the Saudi monarchy, further inflaming regional tensions and leading to the severing of diplomatic ties with Iran.

A truism in international relations is that the heavyweights in any alliance generally define its objectives. The danger for Nigeria in joining Saudi Arabia’s initiative therefore is that it may find itself having to stand by the controversial, and sometimes reckless, policies of its powerful friends in the name of solidarity.

No Algeria

The fourth problem for Nigeria’s possible membership of the alliance is the absence of Algeria.

If one were to map the landscape of Nigeria’s security threats, a picture would emerge of three separate geographical levels of concern: stability in the Lake Chad region, where Boko Haram is concentrated, would constitute ‘vital’ interests; the broader Sahel, which potentially offers Boko Haram strategic depth and connects Nigeria to the chaos in Libya, would be of ‘strategic’ interest; and stability in the Levant, where the so-called Islamic State is based, and beyond would come under ‘peripheral’ interests.

This perspective illuminates Algeria’s importance to Nigeria’s priorities. Stability in the Sahel is crucial for Nigerian security, and Algeria is the regional power in that neighbourhood. Despite its reticence about using military force – its constitution explicitly forbids external military adventures – Algeria’s potential as a stabilising power is undeniable.

The Sahel is both a barrier and a highway straddling Nigeria and Libya, the latter of which is arguably home to Islamic State’s most important outpost. And Nigeria’s limited capability to project its power means close cooperation with Algeria is essential if the region is to push back against the further spread of IS.

Since March 2013, intelligence chiefs from eleven countries across the region – including Nigeria and Algeria – have met every two months, with foreign ministers meeting every three, as part of the Nouakchott Process to discuss Sahelian security. Diplomatic energy may well be better spent improving the performance this multilateral initiative, where matters affecting Nigeria’s direct strategic interests are concerned, than in the broader Saudi-led alliance.

In assessing whether to stay in or out of the Islamic Military Alliance, Nigeria should be careful to weigh the clear potential advantages against these equally formidable perils.

Muktar Usman-Janguza is a geopolitical and security analyst. He can be contacted on twitter at @JanguzaArewa or via email at janguza.arewa@gmail.com.

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39 thoughts on “Why Nigeria should think twice before joining Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Military Alliance

  1. Nigeria should not toy with the idea.What constitutes a terror threat to Saudi Arabia may not necesarily be so for Nigeria or any other country for that matter.Buhari should not drag Nigeria into this.Nigeria is not an Islamic Country.The country cannot afford to be dragged into sunni and shia ideologies as represented by Saudi Arabia and Iran.
    And Nigerians should be wary of the “messaging component to combat ideology” by the alliance as it could also translate to a military component to forcefully propagate islamic ideology-sunni or shia.

  2. saudi is a muslim complet state and is not a democratic state where people has there freedom of speech nigeria is being rule by the constitution of the land that give every citizen freedom of worship to all religions ,,for nigeria to joint saudi which reject iran that is also a muslim country and the are somehow technically at war on religion believe, it is better for the country to stay neutral on such issue ,support for saudi creats enemies countries immedialy. eg iran, syria,iraq, russia , anll shaih countries,nigeria dose not need to involve in the counflect in the middle east ,,,the african union is better,where the citizens of africa feel welcome because no discrimination is among many african state as is the arab world ,they even consider themself better than african because of colour

  3. As long as Saudi Arabia is playing religious politics of Sunni/Shiite sectanism.i doubt they can lead any succeessful counter terrorism effort. Saudi Arabia will have no courage to confront a Sunni group terrorists in another country because they believe they are on the mission of jihadism on their behalf. Saudi Arabia will only advise the afflicted nation to reconcile with those terrorists and adopt Sharia based on their demand. It is better for Nigeria to not join such association but instead seek on how to form Africa counter terrorism force to take care of Africa or west Africa or simply the member nations that agree to form it.

  4. After a one hundred yeras of existence, Nigeria is yet to decide what it is good or bad for the people, Nigeria is not an Islamic State i do not see any reason to have anything to do with Saudi Arabia at all, we all knew but do not want to show it 80% of African problems i mean unrest is being financed by this Saudi Arabia, we have freedom of press in Nigeria, Democratic system, multy religion State, just to look at it this way Nigeria has nothing in common with Saudi Arabia at all. We do not need to join any organization with Saudi Arabia.

  5. This article is just moronic,
    If you think Nigeria shouldn’t join Saudia Arabia, and with these stupid reasons you must be either dumb, or your head is in your behind.

  6. Nigeria needs to stay out of these type of organizations. There is enough problems in West Africa that have not been solved for over 40 years not to talk about Africa. Saudi Arabia can not even solve it’s own problems not to talk about leading an alliance. Look at how it wrecked OPEC. Buhari needs to stay focused on the economic and safety problems Nigeria already has and he will be fine.

  7. Nigeria should keep clear of any Islamic alliance.
    Mukhtar Usman Janguza has made a brilliant analysis of the Islamic Military Alliance, and how complicated it could be for Nigeria to be involved with an idea fraught with too many uncertainties. We need to note that he is not against the idea, his concern is mainly about the reaction of non-Muslim Nigerians to the idea, if it were not wisely introduced. Nigeria has suffered too much from its leaders who are Moslem, who blatantly try to define, by their actions, Nigeria as a Moslem country and bring it into alliances that are purely Islamic in nature, disregarding the emotions this can evoke from non-Moslem Nigerians. We need to mention that Saudi Arabia has itself been known to breed and support half the terrorist groups in the world today, as it exports its brand of Islam around the world. How hypocritical of it to purport to want to fight terrorism. For years, it got the western world to support its causes and has never really shed its own blood. All of a sudden, it is coming into confrontation with its arch ideological and religious rival, Iran, and Saudi Arabia is running around to mobilize support for its own selfish interest. And Iran supports many of the terrorist groups out there. The truth is Saudi Arabia should be ashamed of itself to call it’s so called new alliance “Islamic” when it intends to solicit the support of countries like Nigeria which are not Islamic. Why not give the organization a name that will reflect the various regions from which they will ask for support. And what was the role of Saudia in the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) saga which caused so much trouble for Nigeria. I believe it will be utterly unwise for Nigerian Moslems to assume that their religious pursuit of Islamic evangelization will be better accomplished by dragging Nigeria into everything and anything Islamic. Right now most hot spots in the world, most refugee issues, and most bloodshed and sufferings in the world today, have some connection to Islam. See how much many Arab countries have been decimated by religious zealotness. We can pretend that the issues are political and otherwise, but the bare truth is that the flames of all their troubles have religious roots. Arab countries are not a good example for any country to emulate, religiously, economically and otherwise. Arabs should fight Iranians themselves, they don’t need Nigerian Moslems, or indeed Nigeria as a whole to join them. But in all fairness, whether they are Sunnis or Shia, Taliban or Mujjahideen, Islam is costing the world so much death and bloodshed for causes which are ultimately related to their faith, and the religious need to eliminate all who disagree with them. Many Moslem countries are already bogged down in religion-related or downright political turmoil of one kind or the other. Now we have the god-fathers of the two major Islamic kingdoms, Sunni and Shia, are at it with each other. Both are huge exporters of terrorism. Both are huge exporters of Islamic evangelism through the prisms of jihad and inevitable bloodshed. Blood is shed through normal application of the law as was the case in Saudi Arabia recently when it executed a Shia cleric, or by the elimination of perceived enemies of their faith by a call to jihad. Hard to understand how a faith should be spread through violence. Saudis sponsor terrorism just as much as Iran does, and interfere in the affairs of other countries as part of their mission to spread their brand of Islam. Remember only recently how the Ayattollah was warning Nigeria over the killing of some members of Shia group in Zaria, a group which had become unruly and for years have sought to act as a law unto itself in defiance of Nigeria’s laws? Iran keeps interfering in other people’s affairs for reasons of their faith. Western nations who have allowed favors to Iran and the Saudis share in the blame and the bloodshed these countries have caused the world, all in the name of Allah, and by the almighty power of their oil. Yet these are some of the most western educated Moslem countries in the world. Now what next? How many more countries and how much more bloodshed will come out of this punching-out between Iran and Saudia, the world’s most religious and most influential blood thirsty nations. Nigerian Moslems must begin to keep away from these countries not to plunge Nigeria into the same doom and gloom many Arab countries now find themselves. President Buhari should Keep Nigeria from any form of Islamic alliance. We don’t need Saudia and its Sunni-military alliance, to fight a Sunni-leaning Boko Haram. That will be confusion.

  8. I am a muslim from SW of Nigeria, why would Nigeria join Saudi in fighting terrorism? Saudi to me is the bane of problem in the middle east, spornsoring terrorist against there neighbour, Syria, Yemen etc with the assistance of there god father US & the west. Nigeria is a democratic country & any move to join the union will be rebuffed by all Nigerians.

  9. Nigeria should not in any way be a party to this Saudi Islamic Alliance; to start with Nigeria is not an Islamic country, neither a terrorist country. The Saudi prince should look for his fellow Muslim neighbors for such coalition. For the fact our president is a Muslim does not make Nigeria a Muslim country, we have nothing to gain or lose but rather it will cost us fortune and also life because Nigeria will become a breeding ground for terrorist. We cannot be fool with empty promises and before you know it we are practicing Muslim laws not in my own Nigeria and our president should beware because this is not why we support his candidacy for Nigeria presidential election.
    Thank you
    Sam Azubuike

  10. Nigerians should raise and reject this Saudi plan to involve Nigeria into fire, it will be bring a huge problem in Nigeria, not only Christen both Muslim, Saudi Arabia is not democratic country and we know the them as Islamic rule. Nigerians believe dynamic legal concept system of Law, notwithstanding the present Government does what he like, I am taking about Nigeria President, we are still watching President Muhammadu Buhari the direction is leading Nigeria.
    We understand for so long Nigeria Muslims want to turn Nigeria a Muslim Nation, but if Buhari sign to be part of Saudi Islamic Military Alliance it will open Nigerians eye and that will be fire to fire in Nigeria.
    When you ask any Arabia Man about Christianity he will reply you noting like Chretien, only answer Allah is ONE, and Saudi did not believe in Christen, even other Arabia Nations believe.
    Saudi is worst is Nation in this Earth you can find freedom of humanity, I have involve with Saudi born which has lift Saudi and vow not to return back again, a Nation a grownup Man and women will flog like school boy, how sham, no human right.
    My advice to the President Muhammadu Buhari he should face his internal problem.
    We are not Middle East and he should not drag Nigeria into pot hole, Nigeria is freedom worship both Christen and Muslim we love yourself, because if Muslim is celebrating Christen will follow them and if Christen is celebrating Muslim will also follow them.
    Rev; Uzor Chuks,

  11. The possibility that Nigeria might become involved in this Saudi Arabian scheme is not surprising at all, for some reasons. Saudi Arabia has maintained a strong, but subtle interest about Nigeria’s affaires and covertly endoresed and financed all the internal Islamist agendas in the country. Nigeria is not a muslim majority country, nor is it and Islamic country. The only reason it has successfully projected a pro-Islamist image is that—-it has taken advantage of the rivary between the Christians state in the South of the country. Buhari is playing with fire by contemplating getting involve in a muslim majority only country alliance. As a Christian from the South, any projection of Nigeria as an Islamic state is deeply offensive, talk less of dragging the country into an Islamic inspired agenda. Of course the muslims in Nigeria can get involved as private persons, that will be theirs affaires, but never as function of the state. The fact that they joined the OIC secretly speaks volumes. That Nigerians generally adopted an ambivalent attitude about the Government’s duplicitous and reckless move by becoming a member of the OIC is both bewildering, and repugnant and can only exercebate the deep tension between the two groups. If Nigeria joins the Saudi led coalition, it will certainly vindicate the reasons for a split from the Islamic North, this might even be a blessing in disguise

  12. Nigerians should raise and reject this Saudi plan to involve Nigeria into fire, it will be bring a huge problem in Nigeria, not only Christen both Muslim, Saudi Arabia is not democratic country and we know them as Islamic rules. Nigerians believe dynamic legal concept system of Law, notwithstanding the present Government does what he like, I am taking about Nigeria President, we are still watching President Muhammadu Buhari the direction is leading Nigeria.
    We understand for so long Northern Nigerians Muslims want to turn Nigerians as a Muslim Nation, but if Buhari sign this Islamic Military Alliance it will open Nigerians eye and that will be fire to fire in Nigeria.
    When you ask any Arabia Man about Christianity he will answer you noting like Chretien, only answer they have is One Allah, the meaning is only Islamic religions no other religion again, and Saudi is most horrible Arabia Nation who believe in Christen, even other Arabia Nations believe.
    Saudi is worst is Nation in this Earth you can find freedom of humanity, I have involve with Saudi born which has lift Saudi and vow not to return back again, A Nation grownup Man and women will be flog like school boy, how sham, no human right.
    My advice to the President Muhammadu Buhari he should face his internal problem.
    We are not Middle East and he should not drag Nigeria into pot hole, Nigeria is freedom worship both Christen and Muslim we love ourselves, because if Muslim is celebrating Christen will follow them and if Christen is celebrating Muslim will also follow them.
    Let us face our problem and Buhari should not disappoint Nigeria because we beloved in him, to infect change in Nigeria.
    Rev; Uzor Chuks,

  13. Please President Buhari, keep Nigeria completely out of this insane hidden agender that Saudi Arabia is toying with. The name Islamic State had already given the World a lot of Headache. Nigeria can never be an Islamic State because the SOUTHERN PART of the Country is mostly christian and non muslim, and we are used to our christian believes ,ideas and way of life. Most of the oil wealth that Nigeria is enjoying comes from the South. If you as the President wants to break up the country into two or more,then think twice. We have supported you so far since you and your administration came to power . So far, your job in fighting corruption, Boko Haram , etc is highly commendable, and we ask the Lord Almighty to bless and protect you. Todays Christians do not chop off people’s head because they disagree with the church or government. Even in the case of adultery, people go to the COURT of law to settle their differences. They don’t sit under the tent for some guy to come out and pass some judgement..hello.

  14. Nigeria is a secular country, and must remain so. Joining the Saudi Arabia military alliance will be exploiting the unity all groups in the country suffered and died for in post civil war era. Buhari must realize Nigeria is not a Muslim country.

  15. The Iranians were most recognised at the President Buhari 2015 inauguration.. they also had their place behind the President at the Eid praying ground and other subsequent visits.. afterwards was the shitte invasion targeting our COAS…. Pls lets be sensitive in this, If Mr. President can make calls to the Iranian authorities giving situation reports as regard the above incidence, I presume we’ve pledge allegiance to some Muslim fundamentalist and I doubt if the terror isn’t here already.. Kindly recall the American AFRICOM project that was declined for multi religious issues…… Pls, let the sleeping dogs lie, let the middle east sort their ordeals… We don’t need external anti or pro Islamic terror squads hovering above our heads with drones.. WE WANT AGRICULTURAL REFOMS, AFFORDABLE AND PROMPT HEALTH CARE SERVICES,WEALTH CREATION THAT ARE SUSTAINABLE & GENERATED FROM SMALL & MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES, MORAL VALUES DERIEVED FROM WELL TRAINED TEACHERS IN ELEMENTARY TO TERTIARY EDUCATIONAL OUTFITS,AN INCORRUPTABLE CIVIL SERVICE, WELL TRAINED POLICE AND SECURITY FORCE WHO WON’T COMPROMISE DUTY WITH BRIBE ,LEAVING THE POPULACE VUNURABLE, INFRASTRUCTURE FOR DEVELOPMENT IN MANUFACTURING AND INDUSTRIES…. EVEN STEADY ELECTRICITY, we desire to name a few, PLS comrades lets have a referendum for this kind of choices,, leave Saudi till hajj so we send our Muslim brothers to PRESTIGOUS AND MOST SECURED black stone… a word is enough for the pple in power pls.

  16. Joining Islamic Military Alliance is not in the best interest of Nigeria because it will invite Foreign Enemies into a very FRIGILE Nation. Nigeria is currently facing ruthless terrorists that are absolutely godless and lawless ! They only consist of Domestic Enemies that are Insubordinate and willing to break all Islamic Laws and Local Laws. They also disrespect all International Laws by invading Chad, Cameroon and Niger. When it comes to International Laws, they simply say : “BS”. Boko Haram is interested only in Insubodinate State and not Islamic State. Muslim Laws forbid killing Real Muslims, Innocent Children, Raping Women, Kidnapping Innocent School Girls from their Dormitories and using young boys as Human Hostages. They’ve committed Barbaric Attrocities such Blowing up Muslims, Banks, Law-abiding Citizens, Family Homes, Hospitals, Mosques and Churches. Their primary Goal is to create a safe Haven for lawless people and dangerous Criminals. Finally, it will make matter worst, if foreign Criminals are invited into Unnecessary War created by godless and lawless DEVILS !!!

  17. Muktar Usman-Janguza thank you for that well-informed and articulated write-up. I believe President Buhari always mean well for Nigeria both in internal decision-makings and external relation based on the country’s secular nature. I think his administration’s foreign policy decisions will be guided by the Nigerian national interests – security (protection of Nigerians), prosperity (economic growth and development), international order (multinational efforts that truly solves transnational border problems without a biase towards Sunni, Shiite or any other religion) and our secular values (that though tribe and tongue may differ but Nigerians stands in brotherhood over and above any foreign influences that is inimical to that our commonality currency of being a Nigerian). President Buhari comes across to me as probably one the few Nigerians who still posses that irrational emotions that make us feel Nigeria is best place to be bourned in the world and that our secularity is non-negotiable. This seems evident in the way he has taken on Boko Haram and some untouchable Nigerians like Dasuki who weakened the Nigerian Armed Forces through diversion of security funds voted to strengthened and defend the nation.

  18. I oppose the idea of Nigeria joining the coalitions. As we know Nigeria is not a Muslim country neither a christian country. Nigeria is a secular country, you are free to worship what you like…Its better for us to stay neutral on this issue and focus on the problems we face at home… Our government haven’t finish it’s fight against boko haram.

  19. I strongly think that Nigeria should stay out of the arrangement and stand firmly by such decision. Nigeria should not be dragged to whatever will polarise us further .please stop all these fabricated negativity, distorted view, and falsehood response to issues.

  20. I strongly think that Nigeria should stay out of the arrangement and stand firmly by such decision. Nigeria should not be dragged to whatever will polarize us further. The nature of this country, the understanding of her peoples demand for a strong internal cohesion. Even if we lose something, the gain in term of our internal strength is enough. Please stop all these fabricated negativity, distorted view, and falsehood response to issues. Radicalization in mind set caused by claims and counter claims with reactions to actions are costly for the divides. Serious issues should get fast response from the presidency and law makers.

  21. Nigeria cannot handle its own terror threat of Boko Haram, yet it wants to get involved in international counter terrorism. There is nothing to consider here other than for the government to face issues bodering on bettering the lives of Nigerians (good medical facilities, basic ammenities, social securities, food, job security etc)

  22. Nigeria should not join because it is US that is using Saudi as a front, with the hope of fighting Iran and Russia from all fronts. They are planning star wars. US and NATO already surrounds Russia. They are also looking for alliance to surround Iran. Beside, they are the sponsors of Terrorists.

  23. “He who rides on the back of the tiger will one day lie in the belly of the tiger”. Saudi Arabia supported ISIS because they are Sunnis, until the ISIS changed their policy and threatened to overrun Saudi Arabia. Thats when Saudi Arabia became alarmed. Buhari should steer clear of Saudi. What good are they to Nigeria? They wrecked OPEC without considering consequences on Nigeria. Now they want Nigeria because they are under threat from ISIS. Buhari should not lead Nigeria into more religious problems, that is not why he was elected (or was he forcefully installed by evil powers?)

  24. Buhari was elected by Nigerians and he does not have the right to join Nigeria with Saudi coalition forces without the approval of people’s representatives.If he tries doing it on his own, is a possible impeachment for abuse of office .Saudi Arabia is in trouble, their system of government has expired. Saudi revolt is internal and it will not stop until the citizens enjoy democracy. Nigeria has nothing to gain but complete loss.Saudi should solve their problems and embrace reforms.

  25. Saudi’s invitation to Nigeria is laughable. Saudi Arabia is a country that beheads innocent people without proper judicial trial Nigeria should have no relationship with Saudi Arabia. NIGERIA IS BETTER OFF WITHOUT SUCH EVIL ALLIANCE.
    Four reason not to join
    1. Saudi Arabia has no democratic judicial system
    2. Saudi Arabia is ruled by an evil King
    3. Saudi Arabia has no effective counter terrorism plan.

  26. Saudi Arabia has nothing to offer a democratic society aspiring towards progress. The House of Saud is an autocratic monarchy where their 60, 000 princes think the resources of the country are their exclusive birth right. Gen. Abacha’s graft was modeled after the behavior of Saudi Princes. Over the years, in an effort to divert attention from the atrocities they commit at home, the hypocritical princes of the House of Saud, in conjunction with their Wahhabi clerics, have been busy exporting political jihads overseas and fomenting trouble around the world. Their militant and hypocritical interpretation of jihad is at the root of modern Islamic terrorism. (For more information, refer to: Sleeping With The Devil , by Robert Bear). The man who creates problems with his right hand and pretends to advance solutions with his left should be feared, and avoided. Saudi Arabia is an ally of the United States, but 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers were Saudi nationals.

    The policies of past Nigeria Muslim leaders looking up to Saudi Arabia never benefitted the country. Gen. Babangida joined OIC in secret bringing in more tension than we needed in an already fragile polity. Nigeria is a secular society with a sizeable population of Muslims, Christians and traditionalists. The craft to get a country’s leader bend policies to align with the desires of Saudi Arabia is politics; it has nothing to do with the worship of Allah. President Buhari should understand he is President of Nigeria, and NOT the Sheikh of Nigeria “Caliphate”. Let Saudi Arabia fight her own wars.

  27. Buhari may be the last president of Nigeria if he goes ahead to join the evil. This buhari man got no formal education and somebody just needs to be drumming advice to his hears for his incompetency. If Nigeria is seceded, he can impose that in the north.

  28. The verdict is unanimous except for one rude comment that should not event be published here. If Nigerian President and inner circle read this article and responses and join the alliance, then they don’t wish Nigeria well. One commentator called it blessing in disguise for advocates of splitting up Nigeria.

  29. Let Mr. President listen to drums played to suit the dancing steps of Nigerians rather than trying to flay an unwarrantable ego, whereas; the terrorism in the country is boisterous enough and so financial sucking that the effect of oil reduction in price seem more biting on the economy of the country.

    Let Mr. President face the internal aggression, and leave Nigerians alone with all these Islamic what not. If Iran and some other best known Islamic countries pays no interest in this leak, why should Nigeria far away in Africa lift her nose to things so foreign and boring in nature.

  30. Nigerians continue to be suspicious of any move by the government or involvement with sectarian or religious organizations. These unhealthy suspicions arise from the country being a secular nation, and its geographic/tribal demarcations. In addition, the extent of ethnocentrism exhibit by different cultures continue to impede meaningful socio-economic development and attainment of true democracy. To this end, current administration must avoid any move that will ignite another wild fire. Rather the government should focus on ways to ameliorate human sufferings that manifests itself in the form of abject poverty, unemployment, greed and corruption, declining education standard and poor facilities.

  31. Did Saudi Arabia receive Nigeria’s permission before announcing that Nigeria was part of this so-called anti-terror organisation?

  32. The present Nigerian government should not be deceive by this Saudi propagandist move. I want to believe had ex-president Jonathan made it to Aso-rock Saudi prince will not have considered Nigeria for invitation. Nigeria is not an Islamic state (these blood taste islamic nations) should get this straight and Nigeria is not a Christian state neither. Buhari should not repeat the Babangida blunder of 1986. Nigeria stand to gain nothing from this sort of religious alliance. Saudi practices Sunni and boko haram are Sunni terrorist group so who do the alliance want fight in Nigeria?.

  33. The idea of Nigeria honoring Saudi’s war invitation now or in the future should not be subject to debate, because Nigeria is not a Muslim-dominated state, other religious groups also have a stake in the country as well. However, Nigerian government should be more interested now in eliminating Boko Ha ram, secure its borders, continue its fight against corruption, create jobs, build more infrastructure the country desperately need for the growing population.

  34. Nigeria is a multi-religious/multi-ethnic country.The qualities that has kept the nation together for years,unity in diversity.Therefore,we should be careful of sensitive aspect of life like religion,because it can spark turmoil in a society.The middle east is a terror zone and nothing good comes out of there.I don’t think any president in his right senses will ever think of joining such coalition group,be it a Muslim,Christian or Mixed religion Country,not to talk of MY country Nigeria,which is suffering from internal security challenges and act of terrorism.If the noise of the day is disturbing him (President Muhammadu Buhari) from thinking straight,Then he need a moment.I implore him to do that around 3am when the night is very quite and peaceful.Saudi and Iran are architect of the evils befalling the zone,they have stretched their resources and wealth to those that have been brainwashed,turned them to monsters and killers all in the name of religion and sect,preaching the holy Quran upside down..Now they are pleading for more resources from other countries in other to continue their evils.Our meager resources will be volunteer to them,if not our brothers and sister in the uniform who are not adequately compensated for risking their lives everyday in our own society that has been bereaved of many innocent lives with the ghost called boko haram.I weep for MY country.

  35. Thank you for an articulate and balanced article. In my opinion, there would be short term advantages for Nigeria’s merging with this union of Islamic States, most obviously the defeat of Boko Haram. However, one must ask, where did the ideology that underpins the number one terrorist group in the world also called Islamic State come from? We know the answer to this, Wahhabism came from Saudi Arabia. For decades, Saudi has been funding Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Shabaab like organisations to foment terror against non Muslims and moderate Muslims. So, any so called anti terror group led by Saudi is bound to be a farce. It would also be anti Shia. We have seen the allegations of state sponsored murder against the Shias in Nigeria and we know them to be true in Saudi, as recently as last month when there were mass executions against prominent Shia leader. I believe Nigeria will join, but it will be a mistake.

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