The Royal African Society is Britain’s prime Africa organisation. Now more than 100 years old, its in-depth, long-term knowledge of the continent and its peoples makes the Society the first stop for anyone wishing to know more.

  • We foster a better understanding of Africa in the UK and throughout the world – its history, politics, culture, problems and potential.
  • We disseminate knowledge and insight to make a positive difference to Africa’s development.
  • We celebrate the diversity and depth of African culture.

Membership is open to all. Among our members are Africans in Africa and in the diaspora, business leaders working in Africa, academics, politicians, civil servants, teachers and students, health professionals, journalists and writers, artists and musicians, charities and non-governmental organisations and anyone interested in Africa and its future.

The RAS’s programs combine academic events at SOAS, parliamentary organisation (through co-ordination of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Africa) and business facilitation – promoting investment in the continent.

The Director of the RAS is Richard Dowden (former Africa editor of The Economist and author of Africa: altered states, ordinary miracles)

The Chair of the RAS is Lord Malloch Brown (former minister for Africa, Asia and the United Nations).

Vice chairs are Alistair Boyd (CMG), Prof. Chris Cramer and Philip Aliker.

The Society has offices at the London Internation in Gordon Square, London. It has branches in Bristol and Scotland.